What’s my Thanksgiving gift, you ask?


A sore body (and pride) from derby. Oh yeah, I learned how to be hit, and tried to hit back. LOL. Better luck next time, self. 

realism, drew!


I picked up a $5 copy of Whip It today because I guess I feel kind of weird about NOT owning a physical copy of it. Shush!

Anyway, I remembered something. Ellen Page is the same height I am: 5’1”. And by the looks of it, we’re in the same weight range. At no point in the movie did anyone tell her, “you’re so LITTLE!!" which is what I hear constantly. Like…always.

Way to drop the realistic ball here, Drew.

My arms were crazy sore today.


I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Then it came to me: I reffed for the first time in 2 months. And I was pack reffing like the mad woman I am.

Fun fact: refs, we use our arms a metric fuckton!!

(Source: educatedzebra)


my derby coach added an extra practice day to the week and i am so ecstatic about it!! so so so happy to finally have found something that i love to do, theyre like a second lil family.

holla holla gotta get derby ass 

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